We can rid the world of ransomware attacks to such an extent they are no longer a likely risk vector! It is possible, but we all have to work together.

This is not a sales pitch; in fact, I explain why no product or service can truly deliver us from the tightening jaws of ransomware. This is an exploration of an idea that will deliver all the criteria of success for the world to collaboratively end ransomware!

It all starts with one simple concept: criminalize the payments of digital ransoms.

It is controversial proposal.

The act of establishing a criminal…

Understanding the attackers is the first step in identifying an effective, efficient, and sustainable paths to mitigating the risks of ransomware.

The root cause of ransomware resides with the people behind the attacks. Recognizing threat agent’s motivations, objectives, and capabilities provides necessary insights to what they will target and the likely methods they will employ to attack victims. Knowing the enemy can present great opportunities undermine, protect and respond to attacks.

This video is the latest installment of a multi-part series on Ransomware. The series is free on the Cybersecurity Insights YouTube Channel. …

Ransomware is a rising threat to every organization, device, and person connected to the Internet. All the products, services, and critical infrastructures are at risk of being victimized. We are all being impacted by this type of cybercrime and it is only the beginning.

The ransomware menace will get much worse unless we collectively gain a better understanding of the threat and how work collectively to address the problem.

The upcoming Ransomware Explained video series will help shed light on the strategic aspects of this criminal activity and will spur interesting discussions!

In the coming weeks I will be…

Cybersecurity can appear random and chaotic, but there are basic fundamentals that drive the course of cyberattacks.

In today’s video, I dive into the two biggest factors that shape cybersecurity risks, attacks, and what drives the direction of the security industry.

Understanding the basic underpinnings provides insights into where the next attacks will focus and what will be targeted. They highlight the importance of understanding the people behind the attacks and the opportunities they pursue.

Thanks for watching. Let’s communicate and collaborate together — that is how we make cybersecurity strong in protecting the global digital ecosystem.

I put…


Cybersecurity Strategist and CISO specializing in the evolution of threats, opportunities, and risks in pursuit of optimal security

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