Matthew Rosenquist is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Eclipz, the former Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp, and benefits from over 30 diverse years in the fields of cyber, physical, and information security. Matthew is very active in the industry and advises fellow CISO’s, boards, academia, governments, and businesses around the globe.

Matthew specializes in understanding the fundamental factors that drive and shift the industry. He has been providing cybersecurity predictions for decades and his insights have been published in reports from McAfee and various industry periodicals. As a veteran cybersecurity strategist, he identifies emerging risks and opportunities to help organizations balance threats, costs, and usability factors to achieve an optimal level of security.

He develops effective security strategies, measures value, develops best-practices for cost-effective capabilities, and establishes organizations that deliver optimal levels of cybersecurity, privacy, governance, ethics, and safety. He is a member of multiple advisory boards, an experienced keynote speaker, publishes acclaimed articles, white papers, blogs, videos, and podcasts on a wide range of cybersecurity topics, and collaborates with partners to tackle pressing industry problems.

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CISO and cybersecurity Strategist specializing in the evolution of threats, opportunities, and risks in pursuit of optimal security