The SolarWinds and Exchange supply-chain attacks have highlighted how vulnerable 3rd party and vendor security is for every organization.

The industry must fundamentally change to manage the growing risks and it will take time. There are some steps we make to greatly improve the situation in the short-term.

There are steps we can make to greatly improve the situation in the short term to mitigate these types of menacing attacks.

In today’s video, I cover the Top 10 things we can do NOW to greatly mitigate supply-chain attacks.

For every organization out there, vendors, supplier and customers, I suggest…

My priorities are my family then my Cybersecurity career. However, I recently noticed that for more than a year, I have not taken a day off. I always make time for my children and wife, but I am also doing work, research, consulting, writing articles, producing videos, or speaking at events every day.

I have not set aside time for myself.

Overall, it isn’t a bad thing as I am passionate about cybersecurity. I really enjoy the challenges and strive to improve the industry. It is both my career and hobby. …

Cybersecurity for Mergers and Acquisitions is a mess. There are a surprising number of significant unforeseen risks that can wreak havoc on M&A deals. In this week’s fireside chat, I am joined by Justin Daniels, General Counsel/Cybersecurity/Data Protection SME at Baker Donelson, and Alex Rayter, Principal at Phoenix 2.0 Inc, to discuss the due diligence, risks, and recommendations to better understand and manage the challenges.

I spent several years involved with Intel Corp. M&A projects, led the cybersecurity team, and built the processes to evaluate and manage cyber risks. Justin and Alex are currently working to help clients understand…

Cybersecurity has evolved with the rapid rise of digital transformation, becoming a crucial element of trust for products and services. No longer just a function of preventing impacts and meeting regulatory requirements, cybersecurity is emerging as a cornerstone for future enhancement of user-experiences, compelling features, and growth into new fields.

Wherever there are Risks, there are also Opportunities

I’ve been collaborating with Ben Matthews and Michael Gurau from Altman Solon, a leading Tech, Media, and Telecom consulting firm, to highlight how cybersecurity can be optimized to manage the risks-of-loss but also how it can contribute to emerging business opportunities for organizations. …

Digital communication is connecting people around the globe with tremendous benefits but is also being misused in terrible ways that take advantage of the community. As a society, we are bombarded by misinformation under the guise that it is fact, leading to terrible fractures, victimization, and grief to the detriment of individuals and society as a whole.

The truth is obscured online and in the media. Something must be done to curb this growing trend and restore the mechanisms that provide factual reporting of news.

Fact from Fiction

It is not the people’s fault. When sources, that are believed to be truthful, are…

How do governments effectively blunt the growth of ransomware? There is a path, but it does not involve outlawing cryptocurrency!

I see many government politicians positioning a ban of cryptocurrency as a solution for ransomware. That would simply not world. It would create an obstacle for cybercriminals, but one they would pursue to overcome. At most, it would be a temporary setback for cybercriminals.

In this week’s video I discuss how governments can maneuver to stop the ransomware epidemic. We must undermine the motivation of attackers by outlawing payment of digital extortion. …


Cybersecurity Strategist and CISO specializing in the evolution of threats, opportunities, and risks in pursuit of optimal security

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