What Does Ransomware Sound Like?

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Cybersecurity colleague Christiaan Beek went searching for great wisdom and discovered what ransomware sounds like. Not sexy, not ominous, not dark. More like a pinball machine, when you lose.

With all the money the ransomware cybercriminals rake in from their victims, you would think they could invest a bit more in the sound engineering quality or perhaps get a celebrity voice-over.

I think they would get a much better compliance rate for their extortion demands if this was voice by Morgan Freeman. Who could resist that? On second thought, perhaps James Earl Jones, with the Darth Vader mask, would be more appropriate!

They could even bump up the ransom prices. Something needs to justify the price of 10.5 bitcoins! That is almost $800. Wow, have the prices gone up or it just a premium to listen to this verbal notification from the malware?

Thanks Christiaan for sharing. I look forward to your next ransomware discovery! Follow Christiaan on Twitter (@ChristiaanBeek)

…For those of you interested in the other sound of ransomware, it is from the victims, who shout in fear, then rage, followed by a whimper, and sometimes crying. If you are a victim of ransomware, visit the NoMoreRansom.org site. It is a free resource that may be able to help and is supported by some of the most respected cybersecurity organizations. Good luck.

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