Top 3 Cybersecurity Concerns Are WRONG

Missed the Target by a Mile

I think we are scrutinizing at the small and known threats, when we should be looking forward at the significant risks coming our way. In some ways, it is like the child in the crosswalk who is looking down at their untied shoes, while oblivious to the truck speeding towards the intersection. The top survey results are not surprising, just disappointing.

The Real Threats

  1. Escape of Nation-State Attack Techniques and Code. Highly sophisticated and funded capabilities are normally reserved by nation states for precision attacks. But once the vulnerabilities, exploits, and tactics are used in the wild or leaked, others will have the opportunity to harvest, dissect, and duplicate functions for their purposes. Threats such as cyber criminals, anarchists, and other nation states will gladly wield these super weapons for their end-goals and to the severe detriment of others.
  2. Exploits in IoT Devices Which Pose a Risk to Life-Safety. Society is sliding over the verge where we place our lives and safety in the hands of intelligent machines. It is most relevant in the automotive, critical infrastructure, healthcare industries. Although astonishingly wonderful if used for good, it comes with risks. Autonomous vehicles, electrical grids, and medical devices all play an important role in keeping people alive and healthy. When attacks undermine functions and turn malicious, people will be put in harm’s way.

Not a Flawed Survey

Sadly, I believe the survey was accurate. This means those professionals who provided answers are only seeing the near-term problems: the very ones they fear most. These issues are annoying, but do not compare to what is just around the corner. The risks are as mismatched as much as the capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to them. Consider that there are already mature tools and defenses for data loss, theft, and ransomware. They just must be instituted, configured, and maintained to work against most attacks. For the real threats, we are much less capable in our defenses. Granted, the participants may not have many options to choose from, but the answers given may speak volumes about those who voted for these categories. Namely, that they are likely not as prepared for these basic risks as they would like, therefore they fear what they know will come. With their focus on these, they fail to see the long-term strategic picture. That is bad for everyone, except the attackers. Without looking forward, like the child in the crosswalk, they are likely to be surprised when the truck hits.

We Must Do Better



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