Rebalancing Work and Home Life — Requires Planning and Change

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After 23 incredible years at Intel, yesterday was my last day!

I am excited, as I have been planning my exit for some time and this is the right moment to take pause and enjoy what is most important. I will be spending the next several months focused on my children and wife, building memories, and enjoying the life I have worked so hard to achieve over the past 30 years.

Although I won’t completely disconnect from cybersecurity industry work, I will be purposefully scaling back significantly.

My passion for strengthening the security our digital world remains strong.

After my hiatus, I will again dive back with full force into the digital protection space with fervor. Until then, I will reduce my speaking engagements, be more selective in which advisory boards I join, and limit my time consulting to organizations on industry best-practices. On the upside, during these relaxing months ahead, I will have more time for research and to share my thoughts on how the cybersecurity industry is evolving.

So, farewell to my colleagues at Intel as it has been an amazing experience. I suspect our paths will cross again in the future, as we journey to make technology better, more secure, private, safer, and trustworthy.

I will be posting several blogs as I reflect on the rich lessons, key learnings, and experiences gained in my career thus far. …but there is no rush, no deadlines.

Already, this temporary-semi-retirement feels very good!

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