Privacy Emerging as a Competitive Advantage for Tech Companies

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Privacy is becoming a competitive advantage and Apple officially takes the lead. Billboards appearing in Las Vegas, likely targeting CES audiences, showcase Apple’s public position and give an option to the growing segment of discerning buyers.

Far too many companies have ignored personal data security or purposefully abused access to such information for their gain. There have been countless data breaches by companies not following best practices or investing reasonable resources to protect customer’s information. Many companies have been in the news due their seemingly unethical gathering and distribution-for-profit of user data. In some cases, without the knowledge or consent of their customers.

“Trust is earned in drips and lost in buckets”

Businesses are putting at risk their reputation and the trust of their customers. Time to change or see the negative impacts.

One of my predictions for 2019 is that more companies will begin to understand how Privacy will be a competitive advantage as consumers become more savvy and take into consideration the ‘trust’ in the businesses they patron, products, and services when it comes to the ethical handling and security of their personal data. Consumers vote with their wallets.

The winds are changing.

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