Microsoft to Honor California’s New Privacy Rights Throughout the U.S.

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Outstanding! Microsoft will apply the privacy criteria of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to people throughout the United States! Microsoft outlined its strong support for protecting people and their sensitive data in their blog. Great showing!

The CCPA goes into effect for California beginning January 1st 2020 and will require levels of transparency for data collection, use, and sale among other things. CCPA represents the strongest data privacy legislation in the U.S. and is widely expected to influence other states to follow suit.

Many data-oriented tech companies in California fought against the law but it was passed in 2018. Then the opposition attempted to greatly weaken the wording, but it has withstood tremendous pressure from tech lobbyists to undermine key elements. Privacy advocates say this is an important win, but the battle is not over as Americans need better privacy protections.

California, seen as the leader in consumer privacy, is the only state that specifies privacy as an inalienable right in their state constitution.

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