Matthew Rosenquist Joins the Eclipz Advisory Board to make the World of Connected Data More Secure

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It is my honor to join the Advisory Board of Eclipz; a cybersecurity innovator focused on securing data in transit, even on untrusted endpoints. Hardening digital communications from hackers and eavesdropping are crucial for security, privacy, and trust.

As a cybersecurity strategist, I have been evaluating Eclipz’s technology for some time and been impressed with their scale, comprehensiveness, and passion to tackle one of the industry’s most difficult challenges. The trust of digital communications is being undermined by cyber threats every day, at an increasing pace. Data breaches, device hacks, compromised businesses, attacks on financial services, tampering of critical infrastructures, and the exposure of private IoT device and smartphone information is happening every day.

Imagine a world where data across smartphones, personal IoT devices, national infrastructures, corporate systems, and customer connections was secure and private. This is a necessity for the next generation of technology to help protect the overall confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the digital ecosystem.

Eclipz is driving a flexible software solution for both legacy and cutting-edge devices, to protect data in transit, even across public networks.

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The Eclipz solution is an architecture that can be integrated into products and services across many different markets. I see a future where dynamic secure communications protects Automated Teller Machines, healthcare devices, smartphone communications, industrial control systems, national critical infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, voting machines, and all the Internet of Things we bring into our lives.

I am excited. Data security between devices and within infrastructures is foundational to the trust of the global digital ecosystem. I look forward to being part of the team that is advising the leaders of Eclipz in their pursuit to set a new standard for data transport security that delivers hardened solutions which are scalable, easy to implement, economical, transparent for users, and protects customers information in transit.

It is time to make the connected world of data more secure.

Matthew Rosenquist, Cybersecurity Strategist

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