Custom Bait Package for Porch Pirates is Epic Revenge

I cannot stop watching this. Ex-NASA engineer creates a custom-built revenge bait package for porch pirates, with stunning results. Sometimes the battle against criminals requires a creative mind. This is pure genius.

I would absolutely buy that device with just 2 modifications:

  1. Figure out how to implement spraying permanent ink, like that used in shoplifting prevention ink tags. By all means, keep the glitter as well, as it will mix nicely with the ink.
  2. Make the stink spray initiate immediately, for greater affect.

(Bonus points: to make it ooze something disgusting, but non-toxic, perhaps a foul-smelling enhanced molasses that would attract insects. Just a nice touch.)

All play aside, creativity is hugely important for security. Defenders are at a distinct disadvantage and it takes a superb understanding of the attackers to undermine attacks.

Cybersecurity is no different. We must out-think our opposition by first understanding their motivations, objectives, capabilities, and methods before we go off and engineer solutions. This is where Threat Intelligence comes into play. Cybersec must get more creative and intelligent.

I think the sociological results would be very interesting to study over a prolonged period of time. As thieves will typically focus on a certain area, this may have a wide-reaching developmental impact across the threat community. Theft actions, like shoplifting, are many times shared among peers as boastful experiences. Leveraging that same channel to propagate consequences could reach a much larger community than just the actors. It stands to reason; such bait boxes could become a serious deterrent and drive behavior modification by increasing the overall risks of the crime.

Regardless, they are sure funny to watch!

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Cybersecurity Strategist and CISO specializing in the evolution of threats, opportunities, and risks in pursuit of optimal security

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