Curiosity Labs Opens Free Test-Track for Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

2 min readJun 5, 2020

Enabling better security, privacy, and safety

It is always nice to see projects that are open and free to use, to advance technology in secure, private, and safe ways. Curiosity Labs provides startups and established companies a no-cost real-world testing infrastructure to innovate smart city and transportation technologies.

When autonomous transportation companies get past the first stage of testing, typically on a closed track, they need a more realistic environment to validate performance and safety. A 1.5 mile stretch of road has been configured to help companies fuel economic innovation in the autonomous vehicle sector.

The level of infrastructure investment is significant. The test area is configured with embedded charging capabilities, 5G networks, cameras, and other sensors that gather data. The 500 acres area is public, so proper privacy, cybersecurity, and safety controls are crucial.

The digital revolution is moving fast, bringing with it tremendous innovation and value. But, there are accompanying risks that must be understood and managed. Realistic testing environments play a crucial role in helping organizations uncover and mitigate risks for everyone’s benefit. Glad to see this free resource is available to innovators to gain the necessary insights.

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