Collaboration Makes Smart Cities More Secure

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I am excited to join the development team for the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Cities and Communities Framework (SCCF) with a focus on cybersecurity and privacy. The volunteer team is working to develop a comprehensive framework to help guide smart cities in making decisions that promote the security and privacy of its citizens in a sustainable manner.

It will be based on and heavily influenced by the Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee (CPAC) guidebook that already exists. It should take a few months for the team to grind through the process and produce a proposal that will then be formally reviewed by NIST and opened to the public for input.

I encourage professionals in the industry to join such collaborations and help improve cybersecurity frameworks and guidebooks. Volunteering a little time, expertise, and unique perspectives can have a tremendous long-term impact in how the industry protects itself and the global digital community.

I am honored to collaborate with this diverse team of like-minded cybersecurity professionals who want to help improve the future foundations of smart and connected cities.

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