China Seizes $4B in Cryptocurrency from Scammers

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Governments can still pursue cybercriminals and fraudsters who use cryptocurrency. China authorities have seized over 4 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies as part of a crackdown on the PlusToken scheme that defrauded over 2 million people. This seizure has been approved by the courts after the ringleaders were convicted of Ponzi-type fraud.

People often worry that cryptocurrency is a safe-haven for criminals and their assets are untouchable by authorities. This is simply untrue. Massive seizures are possible. Recently the U.S. seized Bitcoin worth over a billion dollars that was related to the infamous 2015 Silk Road case.

Fears that cryptocurrency allows criminals to operate without risk, is unfounded. Law enforcement is getting better at working within crypto and leveraging the frameworks to aid in investigations and recovery.

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