As the global disaster of our generation wanes and people begin to emerge from isolation, misaligned expectations about the future of remote work models start to appear. Surveys show that much of the workforce has enjoyed the benefits of working from home. Conversely, many employers are anxious to get employees back in the office and return to the traditional ways of engagement. Organizations are already experiencing the friction. Leadership must prevail to avoid serious business disruption. This may be the moment when Hybrid Working rises to become an accepted practice in the corporate world.

A cascading chain of events precipitated…

The Cybersecurity Vault podcast

The Cybersecurity Vault — Episode 2 — The risks and opportunities of securing data are shifting rapidly for the healthcare industry. Rohit Parchuri who serves as the CISO for Collective Health Security, discuses the rapidly changing challenges in healthcare that will affect every American.

The Cybersecurity Vault — a straight talk video podcast tackling today’s biggest cyber security challenges and solutions, hosted by Eclipz CISO & cyber security influencer, Matthew Rosenquist.

Cybersecurity Vault channel:

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To keep up…

The Cybersecurity Vault Podcast

The Cybersecurity Vault, Episode 1 — With the growing influx of sharable personal data and the power it holds in the lives of consumers and companies alike, is it possible to create a digital space that exchanges and protects data while still holding true to values of equity, privacy and accountability? Andy Brown, CEO at Sand Hill East, joins us this week in our quest to answer this question and unpack the potential for good that powerful new digital tools pose along with the dangers of their misuse.

Andy shares his tremendous insights on innovative technology and the biggest…

The single most important tip for aspiring managers is to learn to be a good leader.

Managers vs Leaders

A manager is a functional role that ascribes responsibility for a team and an outcome. It is an organizational assignment that may or may not be based upon skills or a desire for responsibility. Managers often prioritize the pursuit of short-term goals and are willing to sacrifice team growth that is necessary for long-term success. A leader is someone who is well suited to support the individual team members and organize them for maximum benefit of achieving the goals. …

The goal is to effectively end ransomware as a significant cybersecurity risk for everyone. In exploring the different strategic options, one path has emerged superior, in which the flow of money to the ransomware attackers is essentially stopped. The only way to make that happen consistently is to compel the victims to not pay by making it a criminal act. However, not everyone agrees.

In my discussions with many experts across a range of disciplines, the same arguments would emerge and be debated. …


Cybersecurity Strategist and CISO specializing in the evolution of threats, opportunities, and risks in pursuit of optimal security

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