2017 K12 Educators Security Briefing — Presentation Slides are Available

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Recently I had the distinct pleasure to deliver the keynote at the K-12 Educators Security Briefing that was held in Microsoft’s beautiful executive briefing center, located in their Redmond WA campus. My talk, titled “Exploring Cyber Risks and Opportunities” was a bit unconventional as I first opened a dialogue to get to know the audience’s perceptions of risk and then wove those into an interactive discussion leveraging the slide deck. The attendees were CTO’s and IT Directors for school systems across the state of Oregon. Very passionate and smart people who are working hard to make the education system the very best it can be for the students of the state.

Overall, I think the discussion went very well. The audience interaction was rich and opened several worthwhile tangents. I am confident everyone, myself included, learned something valuable.

Slides are available on slideshare.net:


Although the slides can’t convey the great conversations which occurred, they might be worth a look.

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